Photo by EWS

Photo by EWS


About Me:

1. Born February 24th (Pisces).

2. Garascia is pronounced 'Gah-rah-sha'. 

3. I am an alumni of Western Michigan University, where I studied Theatre Performance and minored in  Scriptwriting and Dance.

4. I'm a lefty.

5. Born in Detroit, Michigan! 

6. After moving to NYC, I joined The BATS: Resident Acting Company at The Flea Theatre. Who Show Business Weekly recently named, "among the most dedicated, adventurous and talented performers presently making theater in New York." 

7. Most memorable travel experience: Prague and Eastern Europe. More recently: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

8. As a kid my favorite book was THE GIVER. Lately I'm loving DARING GREATLY by: Brené Brown.

9. Occasionally I am a freelance writer for the website Twitter

10. When not acting or writing I work as the Senior Program Coordinator for the Acting for Film Department at New York Film Academy.