KINGS CUP with Backyard Plays

This July, Justin will star in KING'S CUP (by: Amy Gijsbers van Wijk) presented as part of Backyard Plays. The show will run Sat/Sun July 28-29 at 7pm in Bed Stuy. Justin plays Nelson, a privileged college student ready to stop at nothing to help his friend... until things go a little too far...

ABOUT KINGS CUP: At a college party at a liberal arts school in Tennessee, it's Terra's 21st birthday. It's Nelson's chance to prove himself. And Soma's chance to get lucky. Until there's — well. Not a betrayal. A mistake. Not a horrible disaster. Wait. Is this a nightmare? No. It's fine. Nelson has a plan — okay, it was Soma's idea — to fix everything. So that plan was suggested while on molly. But it's not crazy. What. It's not. Whatever this is, it's not crazy.

Directed by Breanna Foister & Jason Walter.  FB event: [link here].